Open every day, 11am to 9pm.
Games can be played for $1 for older games and $2 for modern games, there is a token machine available to change over notes ($1 = 1 token)

The Australian Pinball Museum features pinballs from a wide range of eras including Electromechanical, Solid State, Dot-Matrix-Display and LCD Monitor. There is over 90 years of pinball history on display and available to play. The Australian Pinball Museum showcases a large amount of original pinball advertising memorabilia such as original advertising flyers, posters, and promotional products.

Print Media Archive

The museum archive of magazines, flyers, and posters

The Australian Pinball Museum is dedicated to preserving the printed media related to pinball machines and other arcade machines. We are specifically interested in preserving Australian print media. The museum archives consists of hundreds of Australian arcade magazines, thousands of original pinball advertising flyers, and many original pinball promotional posters.

Museum Highscores

Highest scores obtained at The Australian Pinball Museum

Each year we record the highest scores on each machine. At the end of each year, the scores are added to this website, and the scores are cleared off the machines ready for a fresh new start in the new year.

Latest at the Museum

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